Julio Eyzaguirre

Location: Barcelona
Nationality: Peruvian
Biography: Coming soon...
Private Story
Credits: julio eyzaguirre
Date of Work: 11/30/16 - 04/19/17
Updated: 03/23/20
Location: Spain, Barcelona
Europe is considered a well developed continent, with levels of social and economic success envied by the rest of the world.
But, this vision is partial and even cynical: poverty and misery are kept cornered to protect this image shown to the world.
What would happen if the truth was told?
What would happen if that parallel reality, the one administrations and the citizens themselves try to keep hidden, was shown?

Today, in the old continent, there are about 30 million people who do not have decent housing, and Spain is no exception. After the crisis of 2008, the social and economic gap grew. It is estimated that three million people live in precarious conditions or under the poverty line.
Barcelona ​​meanwhile, a fashionable city with 1.6 million inhabitants, which has been positioned among the 50 most important worldwide for its tourist attraction, economic value and artistic circuit, also has hidden (at first sight) this dark side.
This city, which was listed as the fourth "most powerful" European city in 2008 and in 2009 as one of the best "brand" cities in the world has more than 12 thousand cases of people without a decent home, of which more than 3 thousand do not have even a roof, and live directly in the street.

This 4th world, hidden but real, is a sea of ​​people exposed to all kinds of conditions: cold, hunger, rain, drugs, alcohol, social kitchens, clashes and fights, robberies; are some of the factors that we find when we go through their stories.

And although not everything is negative; there are stories of survival, of generosity and friendship, of overcoming and fighting; there are many who wish to "get out" of the streets.

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