Estaïlove ST-VAL

The hurricane Matthew in Haïti.
Location: Port-au-Prince
Nationality: Haitian
Biography: BIOGRAPHY of  Estaïlove  ST-VAL Estaïlove ST-VAL was born in Port-au-Prince (Haiti) and raised in the town of Cul-de-Sac de la plaine. In 2001, he reached Port-au-Prince for his secondary cycle of studies at the Lycée... read on
Public Story
The hurricane Matthew in Haïti.
Credits: estaïlove st-val
Updated: 10/06/16
Location: Port-au-prince
Haïti, October 2016, a hurricane names Matthew hits the country.
Despite the rain some residents of Port-au-prince are forced to go out into their activities. this image shows these people during the cyclone.

By Estaïlove ST-VAL —


Lakou souvnans sanctuary voodoo

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Fabrication de Clairin

By Estaïlove ST-VAL — See the clairin manufacturing process at leogane .
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