Emily Williams

Beautiful Bethlehem
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Beautiful Bethlehem
Credits: emily williams
Updated: 01/13/21
The following series is being continually updated as interviews are conducted

I met Pastor Ben on an airplane to Philadelphia. Although speaking to a stranger was out of character for me, we kept in touch and he invited me to work with the congregation members at his church. The last weekend in March before quarantine, I had the privilege to collaborate with congregation members at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in New Orleans to create the following portrait series. Although none of us could have known exactly what was to come with the pandemic, this series has helped keep us connected to one another in these challenging times. Furthermore, Bethlehem Lutheran does an incredible amount of work to support the New Orleans community, especially during these challenging times. If you are willing and able, I encourage you to help support their efforts by donating through the link at the bottom of this text. Finally, I would like to express my deep gratitude for Pastor Ben and the members of Bethlehem Lutheran who welcomed me into their community with so much warmth, patience, and kindness.