Eric Smith

American Biker Culture
Location: DeLand,Florida, USA
Nationality: American
Biography: I was a long time resident of Detroit and South Eastern Michigan, USA. untill 2016. I currently reside and work from Daytona Beach, Fl. My entire artistic career has been centered in the photographic medium. Recently I have returned to... read on
Public Story
American Biker Culture
Credits: eric smith
Date of Work: 12/31/69 - Ongoing
Updated: 11/11/18
This project is an ongoing documentary essay about the current America "Biker" motorcycle culture that I have been following, I have made pictures on this unique aspect of American culture from Michigan, WDC, small towns and down to Florida.
I have mostly followed the type of bike culture that has grown out of the "1%'er Motor Cycle Clubs" (Hells Angles etc.). They like and want to project this "bad boy" image. They are by far politically conservative and with few exceptions embrace the "Donald Trump" nationalistic view of social/cultural activism and philosophy.

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