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The horseman
Location: Columbia, Missouri
Nationality: American
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The horseman
Credits: emmalee reed
Date of Work: 04/01/19 - 05/13/18
Updated: 12/02/19
Location: Columbia, Missouri
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Jim Dudley is a horseman. He owns and manages Jim Dudley Quarter Horses, a horse barn and training facility in Columbia, Missouri. There, Dudley does nearly everything equine, including training and breeding. At the facility, Dudley also teaches riders how to train their own horses.

While Dudley hires some employees to help maintain the facility, most of the people seen at Jim Dudley Quarter Horses are other horse lovers, volunteers who just want to be apart of Dudley’s operation. A self-proclaimed “horse-aholic,” Dudley believes that horse riding is in his genes. He has been riding since he was three years old, and has loved every moment of it.

“Now, I’ve been really fortunate enough to make my living with my passion,” Dudley said. “So every day, even though I get tired at the end of the day, I’ve never worked a day in my life. I can’t remember a morning I didn’t jump up and say ‘I wanna ride a horse.”

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