Emily Schiffer

Haul: Gift to My Daughter
Location: Maplewood, NJ
Nationality: USA
Biography: Emily Schiffer is a documentary photographer interested in the intersection between art, audience engagement, and social change. In 2005, she founded the My Viewpoint Youth Photography Initiative on the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota,... read on
Public Story
Haul: Gift to My Daughter
Credits: emily schiffer
Date of Work: 03/16/16 - 03/16/19
Updated: 03/28/19
Archived as: 
This sculptural work considers photography’s role in the creation of family narratives. Hanging from the ceiling in a giant net are the contents of family photo albums, owned by the parents of the artist and her husband before they were born. Thousands of hand-framed images bury each other, emphasizing the impossibility of understanding one’s history, and posing questions about photography’s role in what is remembered and forgotten.

By Emily Schiffer —

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