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Location: Brooklyn, NY
Nationality: USA
Biography: Whether merging photography and sculpture, working on decade-long photo documentaries, doing commercial photography, or collaborating on community-based projects, I actively engage the issues and ideas at stake in our visual culture. I enjoy... MORE
Artist Talk and Workshops at Fotografie Forum Frankfurt
emily schiffer
May 24, 2017
Dear Visura Community, 

I'll be giving an artist talk at the Fotografie Forum Frankfurt this Friday at 6pm.

Saturday and Sunday I'll be teaching a workshop "If Your Picture Was the Beginning"  In this workshop we will look at a variety of creative approaches, from mixed media work to public art installations, from traditional publication to innovatiovative exhibition formats. Students will design a stradegy for how their images will live in the world and identify funding options. 

Monday, I'll be teaching a beginning photography workshop for Syrian refugees and German citizens. This class is facillitated through the American Embassy, and aims to strengthen peer relationships through shared creative experiences.

Our exhibition, "Danube Revisited: The Inge Morath Truck Project," will close at Frankfurt Fotografie Forum on May 28th.  

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Emily Schiffer

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Emily Schiffer
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Emily Schiffer
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