Estelle Morali-Silver

I Am From My Childhood
Location: Edinburgh
Nationality: French
Biography: Estelle Morali-Silver was born in Lyon, France. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in English, Literature and Civilisation, Estelle moved to Scotland and completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. Based in Edinburgh, she has been... MORE
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I Am From My Childhood
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Updated Jul 2020
Topics Black and White, childhood, Personal, poetry

To my explorers L & A,

"Whence come I? I am from my childhood. I am from my childhood as if it were a country."Antoine de Saint Exupéry

It is delightful to observe children explore the world. From this exploration, they learn to grow and create memories for their adult lives. Exploration blends with reverie and reverie with poetry. The landscape adorns itself with their imagination.

À mes explorateurs L & A,

« D'où suis-je ? Je suis de mon enfance.Je suis de mon enfance comme d'un pays.»Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Je ne me lasse pas d'observer les enfants explorer le monde. De cette exploration, ils apprennent à grandir et créent des souvenirs pour l'âge adulte.L'exploration se mêle à la rêverie et la rêverie à la poésie.Le paysage se pare de leur imaginaire.

Estelle Morali-Silver

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I Am From My Childhood by Estelle Morali-Silver
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