Estelle Morali-Silver

Faces From Around the Corner
Location: Edinburgh
Nationality: French
Biography: Estelle Morali-Silver was born in Lyon, France. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in English, Literature and Civilisation, Estelle moved to Scotland and completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. Based in Edinburgh, she has been... MORE
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Faces From Around the Corner
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Updated Jun 2015
Location edinbugh
Topics Black and White, Portraiture

"I love where I live, a Victorian tenement in Tollcross, and I was inspired to record the memories of the building and the people who live there. When I took the portrait of my dear neighbour Frank, I suddenly realised that I had been living in the same flat for 7 years and yet I hardly knew him. But this photo session brought us together - I now know Frank well and we exchange more than just a simple hello.

Yet what about the faces I see every day when I step outside my door? How well do I know them?

Tollcross is as anonymous as any other urban area. It is also a wonderful place to live in with its diversity and its cultural wealth. With my project, Faces from around the Corner, I wanted to meet the people who make this place what it is and take their portraits. Each portrait is a testimonial of the area. I started with people I had met and then, these people introduced me to others. On a personal level, it has been a fascinating experience to meet people with such diverse and unusual stories."

Estelle Morali-Silver

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Faces From Around the Corner by Estelle Morali-Silver
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