Rehab Eldalil

Women Of The South
Location: Cairo
Nationality: Egyptian
Biography: Documentary photographer and visual storyteller based in Egypt. Rehab's work focuses on the broad theme of identity explored through participatory practices. Having lived in the US during 9/11 and experienced rising xenophobia then returning... read on
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Women Of The South
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Updated 06/15/21
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(2018) A photo essay accomplished in collaboration with Drosos foundation to document the life of women after escaping human trafficking.
As economy decreases in the country - in rural villages south of Egypt women as young as 14 are recruited for human trafficking and prostitution in order to provide a better life for their family and siblings. Women are sold – usually multiple times – in a form of unregistered marriage to men from Arab countries (Egypt, Jordan, Dubai..etc). Some women get divorced and restart the cycle, other women become hostage in the mercy of their “client” and some other women take the courageous choice of escaping the never ending tragedy.
To escape unregistered marriages means to leave your family and become socially isolated and financially independent. Culturally in Egyptian rurals, many women move from their fathers’ house to their husbands’ never exposed to work or education bound to social construct. Having choice becomes a privilege, and escaping becomes difficult, challenging and in many cases dangerous.
This project documents the life of courageous women after escaping human trafficking. The story depicts their life making it on their own, starting a new chapter for themselves and their children. The story takes place in three villages south of Giza. Commissioned by and rights reserved to Drosos Foundation. Submitted are samples from the story.


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