Rehab Eldalil

Healing Confrontations
Location: Cairo
Nationality: Egyptian
Biography: Documentary photographer and visual storyteller based in Egypt. Rehab's work focuses on the broad theme of identity explored through participatory practices. Having lived in the US during 9/11 and experienced rising xenophobia then returning... read on
Public Story
Healing Confrontations
Copyright rehab eldalil 2021
Updated 06/15/21
(2017-2018) The BuSSy project is a performing arts project that documents and gives voice to censored untold stories about gender in different communities in Egypt.
This story depicts the raw human connections that are developed throughout the storytelling process between BuSSy and participants. Participants are selected from vulnerable communities of mainly women from all around the country. Within six months, the group is encouraged to tell their stories, own their stories and if they want to, perform their stories to live audience by the end of the six months training. The story illustrates the support and empowerment in the process and its life long impact on the beneficiaries as well as audience.
Commissioned by and rights reserved to Drosos Foundation. Submitted are samples from the story.
Visual and written content by Rehab Eldalil.


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