Sokari Ekine

Documentary Photographer, Visual Scholar
Location: New Orleans
Nationality: Nigerian British
Biography: Sokari is a Nigerian British feminist, photographer, visual scholar, writer, and activist.  She has lived and worked in Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and the US.  Her work focuses on decolonization, sexuality and sexual rights,... read on
Public Story
Credits: sokari ekine
Date of Work: 08/01/15 - 08/07/15
Updated: 01/23/20
Blessol Gathoni, a  Queer Social Rights Activist.  In conversation with Gathoni they talked about seeing,  not just perspectives, scopes and lens but seeing in real depth. Here I see and Gathoni sees, that I see.[envira-gallery id=”2770″]All the photos were taken in Brasilia during the Marcha Das Mulheres Negras, the week of 18th November 2015.
As Africans,
In as much as we are separated, killed, taken
We will remainThis land- with its heart, pulse, and arteries, rivers,
landscapes and seas of stories that entail lifetimes
informed by generations of our people- will remain.I have come to realize there are no “specific/ absolute”
routes to connecting with your ancestry, just a willingness
to take a walk, share and be with them.
Acknowledge their struggle. And the many ways we are
entangled in these struggles.Give or offer a continuity to them.
In whatever ways you (we) can.”To Sokari:
Remain well, loved and free
Gathoni JBlessol
Queer Social Rights Activist

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