Sokari Ekine

Documentary Photographer, Visual Scholar
AfroFuture, Ground Zero Exhibition
Location: New Orleans
Nationality: Nigerian British
Biography: Sokari is a Nigerian British feminist, photographer, visual scholar, writer, and activist.  She has lived and worked in Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and the US.  Her work focuses on decolonization, sexuality and sexual rights,... read on
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AfroFuture, Ground Zero Exhibition
sokari ekine
Sep 18, 2019
Location: New Orleans
EXHIBITION: An exhibition showcasing contemporary work by artists, creatives, and designers engaging in the aesthetic of black spatial realities, imaginary spaces, and black meccas. Exhibitions — New Orleans African American Museum
I will be presenting two 20 x 24 collages from my series "Signs of God".  In this work, I excavate the past so as to erase the silence around the complicity of the  Christian church in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and the human factories known as plantations.  I draw on the work of Saidiya Hartman's "Afterlife of Slavery" as seen in the ubiquitous signs of god on the streets of Ghana, Nigeria, and other African countries. Here as Hartman writes "Christ promised a future unencumbered by history; he was the antidote to recollection". The past washed away in the currents of the Atlantic.


By Sokari Ekine —

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The Empty Quarter -

By Sokari Ekine — The Mississippi River  in the Time of Covid19 New Orleans is one of the major epicenters of Covid19 in the USA with the second highest death..

Working the Spirit: Rituals of the African Diaspora

By Sokari Ekine — EXHIBITION:  Working the Spirit: Rituals of the African Diaspora  is an exhibition curated by Dr. Sarah Clunis and presented at Xavier..

Lovership, We Are Sacred Space. [Pride]

By Sokari Ekine — Julia Sangodare Roxanne Wallace and Alexis Pauline Gumbs – the fourth in the series transformation of silence into action whether through..
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Tales of the City - PRIDE

By Sokari Ekine — I'm proud to be included in the promotion of   #TalesOfYourCity , in my adopted home of New Orleans, where the series Tales of the City on..
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Queer! Like Fearlessness to Imagine

By Sokari Ekine — Celebrating PRIDE “Not queer like gay. Queer like, escaping definition. Queer like some sort of fluidity and limitlessness at once. Queer..

Exhibition: ALTAR: Prayer, Ritual, Offering

By Sokari Ekine — Photoville Los Angeles   Photograph by Sokari Ekine from the Takasa series, queering the spiritual Kenya.   MFON: Women Photographers..
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Exhibition: Memento Mori

By Sokari Ekine — Memento Mori an exhibition on the fragility of human life. At the Second Floor Gallery, St Claude, New Orleans. May 11 to.June 28. My..
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Book: Spirit Desire

By Sokari Ekine — For the past 18 months I have been working on producing my first photo book on Haitian Vodoun.    I began my  journey  as a..

2019 Projects in progress

By Sokari Ekine — As a way of exploring queerness and it’s relationship to spirituality and ritual practices and building on previous work, “Altars: Black..

Photo Stories 2019 [7:] Nothing Matters

By Sokari Ekine — Nothing Matters is the title of a poem which inspired a collection of poems and other writings by the same name. The collection was released in..
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