Rena Effendi

Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Nationality: Azerbaijan
Biography: Rena Effendi’s early work focused on oil industry’s effects on people’s lives.  As a result, she followed a 1,700 km oil pipeline through Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey, collecting stories along the way. This work was published in 2009... read on
Public Story
Credits: rena effendi
Date of Work: 03/01/13 - 11/20/13
Updated: 04/21/18

This story portrays Mahatma Gandhi and his enduring legacy in modern-day India trailing across the sub-continent with an attempt to put “flesh and bones” on Gandhi’s ideas and values, finding people on whose life and work Gandhi made a lasting impact. The story also follows along the path of the Salt March in Gandhi’s home state of Gujarat, photographing the modern day landscape from the historic route that was a pivotal point in India’s fight for independence. 


By Rena Effendi —

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