Daniel Uhlmann

Les alapges
Location: Chamonix, France
Nationality: American
Biography:     American-born and residing permanently in France, Danny Uhlmann specializes in the mountain environments world-wide, He has documented cutting edge science in Antarctica, the legacy of dairy farms in the French Alps, and hard-core... read on
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Les alapges
Credits: daniel uhlmann
Updated: 07/01/16

In Le Mont, a tiny village above the Arve river valley in the French Alps, two brothers work morning till night maintaining the traditional dairly farm of their family. Their cows produce milk which is sold to produce the branded Reblochon cheese. Unlike meat cows, dairy cows must be milked morning and night, every day of the year. The brothers are truly tied to the land on which they work. It isn't till the winter snows melt that the young cows are allowed to spend the summer in the high pastures of the Alpage where they eat and grow up till they themselves are ready to produce milk. 

Les Alpages is a look forward at the future of this profession and how it will carry forward into the future. 


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