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Fortify Rights Commission
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Nationality: British
Biography: Luke Duggleby is an award-winning British freelance photographer who has been based in Bangkok, Thailand, for more than 15 years. He works predominantly in Asia but also in Africa and further afield shooting documentary, portraiture and editorial... read on
Fortify Rights Commission
luke duggleby
Apr 23, 2018
Early 2017 I collaborated with Human Rights NGO Fortify Rights in Myanmar to document the issue of arbitrary arrests of Burmese Muslims in northern Myanmar. 

Fortify Rights has documented the arbitrary arrest and detention of dozens of Burmese Muslims, detained without basis. On August 4, 2014, the Myanmar military intelligence intercepted and arbitrarily arrested 14 Burmese Muslims traveling from Taunggyi to Kunhein, Shan State to attend a wedding. The bride and groom as well as the grooms parents, friends, and individuals hired to assist in arranging the festivities were among those arrested. Although the Myanmar government repealed the 1950 Emergency Provisions Act in October 2016, 19 members of the wedding party remain detained today under the now defunct law. 

This photo essay depicts the impact for the families of the arbitrarily detained wedding party.

Click the images to learn more about their cases and raise awareness by sharing their story and calling for the release of all political prisoners and arbitrarily detained prisoners in #Myanmar. 

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