david sacco

Postcards from Napoli
Location: Madrid
Nationality: italy
Biography: I was born and Turin a spring of 1983 from an Italian father and Brazilian mother. I grew up in a multicultural environment that gave me the opportunity to absorb a little of each one and become a more open and prone to see diversity as a plus. My... read on

By david sacco —


Beach Bums

By david sacco — A 1 hour photo serie taken in Castellon (Spain) in 2017.


By david sacco — In 2018 I traveled to Cuba and this series shares what I've learn about this unique place and its contradictions through the faces and stories..

El Barrio de Salamanca

By David Sacco — An ongoing documentary project on the Barrio Salamanca's streets in Madrid, one of the most affluent and expensive areas in Europe with prices..

After Dark

By David Sacco — Arno Michaelis was a founding member of what went to become the largest skinhead organization on Earth.
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