Jo Dorothea-Smith

Photographic artist, writer
Gardens of Essex
Location: Plymouth
Nationality: British
Biography: Current Phd researcher and photographic artist, I work across genre and am particularly interested in stories and narratives concerning the Anthropocene, memory and the land. 
Public Story
Gardens of Essex
Credits: jo dorothea-smith
Date of Work: 01/01/19 - Ongoing
Updated: 07/15/19
Location: London
The image of your face abstracted onto paper by mechanical reproduction.
This object I use is a taunt, a refuge, an unreal hologram at the edge of the universe.
The more I use you for solace, the further your disappearance into that chemical base which apes your image.
Racing to keep a place that reminds me of times past sucks me in deeper,
compressing the neuro/pathological daily time travel.

By Jo Dorothea-Smith —

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