Jo Dorothea-Smith

Photographic artist, writer
Location: Plymouth
Nationality: British
Biography: Current Phd researcher and photographic artist, I work across genre and am particularly interested in stories and narratives concerning the Anthropocene, memory and the land. 
Public Story
Credits: jo dorothea-smith
Date of Work: 02/01/17 - Ongoing
Updated: 07/15/19
dynamic duress creates flow
ebbing from the centre,
pushing outwards composing our surface for touch
The slow degeneration of motion over ever lengthening spans of history
                                                                                    continuing existence decreasing,
                                                                 erosion determines weight and location is varied via force.
                                         Diminution and modesty is not the finality of existence,

falling off the edge of perception into dust.

Fluid, motion, impermanence.Geological glossary of terms.

By Jo Dorothea-Smith —

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