When Lightening Strikes We All Get a Little Crazy

Donna Ferrato
Photographer based in New York
When lightening strikes we get going.

Making folklore with Patricia Quintana, La Pastora from Taos. She brought the female rain to us. Will she take it back when she leaves?

Some highlights... Sean Penn and his amazing daughter, Dylan Frances Penn, proud Tribeca views of Tower One, Western Union (60 Hudson St), The Jenga, 56 Leonard St. Plus wild
Tribecans prowling... Stephen and Mary Jo Pile, Susanne Columbia and Jim Farmer, a fast moving father and his daughter dancin' in the rain, Dr Gottlieb and his amigos going to the wall.  Take a peek why don't you?
The headquarters of Western Union at 60 Hudson Street, Tribeca 10013
Patricia Quintana and the magic balloon, Leonard Street, Tribeca 10013
Stephen & Mary Jo Pile, Laughing Man Coffee Shop, Tribeca 10013
Me and my pussycat, Leonard Street, Tribeca 10013
Photo: Fanny Ferrato
Henri was coming.
Fog fighting clouds along the towering giants skyline
Tower One, Goldman Sachs and Stuyvesant High School.
Hudson River, Tribeca. 10013
Michael Maguire photographing his daughter and her dog in the rain.
Greenwich Hotel, Greenwich St, Tribeca, 10013
Michael Maguire, his daughter and her dog in the rain.
Greenwich Hotel, Greenwich St. Tribeca 10013

Watching the clouds pass over the Jenga Building,
Susanne Columbia and Jim Farmer
Tamarind Restaurant, Hudson St and Leonard St, Tribeca, 10013
The Jenga, 56 Leonard Street, Tribeca 10013
Martin Gottlieb and his amigos at Zutto, Hudson St, Tribeca 10013
Martin Gottlieb, his amigos and me makes 3 at Zutto, Hudson St, Tribeca 10013
Photo: Patricia Quintana
Sean Penn following the lead of his daughter, Dylan Francis Penn. I perceived that he wanted to be invisible wearing his mask on the way to the premiere of "Flag Day".
Greenwich Hotel, Greenwich Street, Tribeca 10013