Donna Ferrato

Location: New York
Nationality: American/Italian
Biography:   Donna Ferrato is an internationally acclaimed photojournalist known for her groundbreaking documentation of the hidden world of domestic violence. Her seminal book   Living With the Enemy   (Aperture, 1991) went into four... read on
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TIME's "100 Photographs: The Most Influential Images of All Time"
donna ferrato
Nov 21, 2016
On Friday, Time's special issue featuring the "100 Most Influential Images of All Time" hit news stands and launched on their special website. It was a project three years in the making, with Donna, her subject Elisabeth, and Deputy Photo Editor Paul Moakley working closely together to create a short film that you can watch here. Explore the 20 short films and 100 photographs on the website- a beautiful book that goes into more depth is also available for purchase through Time

Donna is honored to be among such great company in the history of photography, with other change-makers and activists. Speaking about many of the photographs chosen in this list, she says:

"The power of a photograph isn't that it's a great photograph, but that it forces us to confront something too often denied." -DF

Inspired by Time and the collaboration with Paul, Elisabeth and Donna are coming together to tell their story in a new format; raw, uncensored, and personal.

By Donna Ferrato —

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