Donna Ferrato

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Location: New York
Nationality: American/Italian
Biography:   Donna Ferrato is an internationally acclaimed photojournalist known for her groundbreaking documentation of the hidden world of domestic violence. Her seminal book   Living With the Enemy   (Aperture, 1991) went into four... read on
9.11.16, Tribeca: Where the Living and the Dead Came Together to Remember
donna ferrato
Sep 22, 2016
The 15th anniversary of 9.11.01.

Leonard Street was a hive of celebrity inanity, but from Liberty Street to the Reade St Pub, people came out to honor feelings that still cut deep into the marrow. 

Overheard by Tower One when the clock hit midnight, a young woman said she wanted to be inside by the memorial pools. Her boyfriend replied "You can't go in now. It's not water you hear.  It's the dead who are there." 

Pictured: Fireman and first responder Rock Daddy and Sophie Moskowitz; Ivonne Dersch and kids; fireman Mr. Angelo Jr.; Kylie Jenner; protestors against the fashion industry's use of cheap/slave labor; the Marrus family; Ladder 1 firefighters rescuing the Jenner sisters stuck in the elevator of Steven Schnall's building; Gigino's restaurant tin roof hole showcases the memorial lights. 

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