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Updated Sep 19, 2017
By AdriáN DomíNguez
Spain Abandonment, Agriculture, Animals, Black And White, Community, Documentary, Editorial, Environment, Environmental, Forest, Globalization, Historical, Landscape, Migration, Minority, Photography, Photojournalism
Updated Sep 19, 2017
Fe Y DevocióN: San LáZaro- Babalú Ayé.
By Pedro Farias-Nardi
Unos días antes del 16 de Diciembre, se empieza a notar el movimiento de...
Santiago De Las Vegas Cuba Belief, Black And White, Christianity, Documentary, Editorial, Faith, Photography, Religion, Spirituality
Updated Sep 16, 2017
Northern Customs
By Canbra Hodsdon
The state of Maine yields some of the most drastic fluctuations in climate...
Maine, USA Canbra Hodsdon, Community, Documentary, Environment, Environmental, Fine Art, Forest, Friends + Family, Landscape, Lifestyle, Maine, Personal, Portraiture
Updated Sep 16, 2017
Western Respite
By Canbra Hodsdon
I created this series of landscape work during my time at the Brush Creek...
Saratoga, Wyoming, USA Beauty, Environment, Fine Art, Landscape, Light, Photography, Travel
Updated Sep 16, 2017
Christian Dogma
By Canbra Hodsdon
In 1535, an order of Ursuline nuns was founded by St. Angela Merici in...
Abandonment, Aging, Belief, Catholicism, Chapel, Christianity, Church, Community, Convent, Documentary, Faith, Fine Art, Nuns, Religion, Ursulines
Updated Sep 15, 2017
Venezuela's Protest
By Wilfredo Riera
Venezuela’s opposition relaunch nationwide protests at the begining of 2017...
Caracas Civil Rights, Confrontation, Dictatorship, Documentary, Military, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Protests, Street, Weapons
Updated Sep 10, 2017
Honor Thy Mother
By Rocio De Alba
H O N O R    T H Y    M O T...
Queens, New York Abandonment, Abstract, Adolescence, Adoption, Aging, Arts, Conceptual, Emotion, Family, Feminism, Fine Art, Friends + Family, Love, Motherhood, Personal, Portraiture, Pregnancy/Birth, Women's Rights, Youth
Updated Sep 08, 2017
By Scott Norris
I am interested in the expressive potential of grouped images presented as a...
Fine Art, Mixed Medium, Nude, Triptych
Updated Sep 06, 2017
Shosho Jikinge
By Nadja Wohlleben
SHOSHO JIKINGE: Grandmothers in Nairobi’s townships fight off rapists...
Nairobi, Kenya Abuse, Action, Activism, Aging, Community, Crime, Documentary, Editorial, Education, Female Empowerment, Feminism, HIV/AIDS, Hope, Human Rights, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Poverty, Rape, Self-Defense, Senior Citizens, Sports, Violence, Womens Rights
Updated Sep 05, 2017
Dreamers Law (Ongoing)
By Joana Toro
Latin Dreamers are losing DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood...
New York Dreamers, Latinos, Latin Immigrants, Daca, Trump, Undocumented, Emigration And Immigration, Family, Following, Forbidden, Guidance, Horizontal, Human Interest, Islam, New York City, New York State, Participant, People, Photography, Political Rally, Politi
Updated Aug 28, 2017
When Sex + Gender Collide
By Lindsay Morris
Scientific American "When Sex + Gender Collide"   Photographs by...
Adolescence, Children, Documentary, Editorial, Family, Fine Art, Gender, Parenting & Family, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Science, Sexuality, Teens, Transgender, Youth
Updated Aug 27, 2017
Dog Portraits
By ValéRie Berta
I am the French photographer,  and there is a reason why people...
Columbia, Missouri Photography
Updated Aug 27, 2017
By Joana Toro
This project is about the Latino Trans community in New York City.  ...
New York, Queens Jackson Heights Activism, Civil Rights, Discrimination, Gay, Gay Rights, Gender, Latin America, Love, Photography, Photojournalism
Updated Aug 27, 2017
The Dressing Room
By Joana Toro
Daily life inside in the Dressing Room at local Latino gay club Jackson...
Jackson Heights, Queens, New York City, US Beauty, Black And White, Civil Rights, Community, Discrimination, Editorial, Emotion, Family, Feminism, Freedom, Gay, Gay Rights, Health/Healing, HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, Immigration, Latin America, Lesbian, Love, Minority, Photography, Photojournalism, Poverty, Prostitution, Racism, Sexuality, Transgender
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