on Vogue Italia

Cinthya Santos-Briones | Photographer | June 28, 2017

This series focuses on undocumented Mexican immigrant women who came to New York decades ago in search of opportunity for their families.

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Collaboration for The Wall Street Journal

joana toro | Photographer | June 23, 2017

I have new work up on Wall Street Journal thanks to Margarte Keady, Sara Munoz and Kejal Vyas

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Where The River Runs Through in National Geographic Picture Stories

Aaron Vincent Elkaim | Photographer | June 23, 2017


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Igloo Building in Nunavik for the NY TIMES

Aaron Vincent Elkaim | Photographer | June 22, 2017


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With our year-long multimedia project, “Finding Home,” TIME brings you their stories.

Lynsey Addario | Photographer | June 21, 2017

Read about our @ time year long project on refugees here: Finding Home: TIME follows 3 refugee babies for one year, here . 

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Federico Borella | Published by CNN Photos

Visura Community | Organization | June 8, 2017

(CNN) - Photographer Federico Borella was scared last year before visiting a little cafe in the northern Indian city of Agra. Not because of what he would see once he got there, but for how he -- and the people he was about to meet -- would react. But then he saw Rupa. "When I saw Rupa for the..

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SPOTLIGHT: Sherri Littlefield, Director at Foley Gallery. HIGHLIGHTS 12 ARTISTS!

Sherri Littlefield | Editor | May 31, 2017

Visura launches SPOTLIGHT—a monthly column featuring a Guest Curator, Photo Editor, Collector or Creative/Art Director, member of the Visura community. He or she will select 12 content producers using Visura's new Advanced Search Engine, who will in return be featured as part of the column! To..

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Featuring on TIME: State of Ruin: Tales from Venezuela's Collapse

Wilfredo Riera | Photographer | May 26, 2017

Venezuelan photographers who have watched their society crumble reflect on the images that have moved them most BY   ANDREW KATZ

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Visura highlights 10 Creative Directors, Producers and Curators

Visura Community | Organization | May 25, 2017

Visura highlights 10 Creative Directors, Producers, Curators and Collectors. Each were found using Visura's Advanced Search Engine, a tool that gives access to Visura's database to search for talent and connect. You can search by members or projects as well as browse tags related to focus, skills,..

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On assignment CNN and Explore Parts Unknown Anthony Bourdain

joana toro | Photographer | May 19, 2017

I want to share my last work whit CNN and Explore Parts Unknown Anthony Bourdain   we explore Q ueens a street vendor profile and Garifuna food please check it out!

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Visura highlights 12 photographers to celebrate Earth Day!

Adriana Teresa Letorney | Editor | April 26, 2017

In honor of EARTH DAY—Visura highlights twelve photographers, who have worked on projects that bring awareness to the importance of protecting the environment. Each was found via Visura's new  Advanced Search Engine , a program that allows editors and..

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