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Mobilization and violence against the Moïse-Lafontant budget

Jeanty Junior Augustin | Photographer | September 20, 2017


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Blog Post 9/19/17

Anna Leigh Clem | Photographer | September 19, 2017

Pristine beauty is fragile and cannot be satisfactorily touched without risking damage, similar to the visitation of a memory, brittle and cold. View my latest blog post .

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Honro Thy Mother - a travelling exhibition

Rocio De Alba | Photographer | September 19, 2017

Hello Visura family, A quick note to let you know that my series " Honor Thy Mother ," was invited to showcase at a gallery in Providence. I am exhibiting these images again, directly from my first solo show that originally opened at The Griffin Museum of Photography in Massachusetts...

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La Calle Pura Marie Claire Italy

Alfredo Chiarappa | Photographer | September 18, 2017

La Calle Pura is out on  Marie Claire  Italy, October Issue. Words by  Caterina Clerici  . Distribution: The Story by INSTITUTE.

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on British Journal of Photography: Çağdaş Erdoğan arrested in Istanbul

Cagdas Erdogan | Photographer | September 14, 2017

The Turkish photographer is thought to have been arrested in the Kadikoy district of the city Turkish photographer Çağdaş Erdoğan has been arrested in Istanbul, according to his agency  140journos . The photographer, who featured in the  BJP ’s  Ones to Watch list ..

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Chicken Skin ^ A subconscious Ballad by Mara Catalán

mara catalan | Photographer | September 13, 2017

Happy to finally finish one of my projects I started more then a year ago. Chicken Skin - It is a a 4min. film made from digital photographs taken in Berlin and elsewhere, turned into negatives, printed in my darkroom and then slowly edited and produced- thanks to the collaboration and artistic..

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Burning Man 2017: Radical Ritual

Sara Swaty | Photographer | September 13, 2017

This year was my 3rd time attending Burning Man. Although I was prepared and excited, it was my hardest Burn yet, with temperatures averaging between 95-115 degrees. My setup is simple: small pop-up shade, tent, air mattress (upgraded from a sleeping bag), suitcase, and plastic drawers--but no..

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Exhibition at South x Southeast photomagazine

Rocio De Alba | Photographer | September 7, 2017

Having hope is a precious gift. And gratitude for a new day is revolutionary. So it was exhilarating to discover Elizabeth Avedon choose my image as part of the South x Southeast photomagazine 's "Portraits" exhibition!! The group show will take place at: Photo Gallery, Molena, Georgia...

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"Gourougou" selected finalist in the 2017 CRITICAL MASS TOP 200.

Txomin Txueka | Photographer | September 7, 2017

"Gourougou" selected finalist in the 2017 CRITICAL MASS TOP 200.

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Selected for NOOR workshop in Bayeux.

Vilhelm Stokstad | Photographer | September 7, 2017

Im really happy to have been selected to participate in the   2017 NOOR-Nikon visual journalism workshop – Developing your Transmedia & Long-term Project  with  Pep Bonet  and  Kadir van Lohuizen  during this years  Rencontres Prix Bayeux-Calvados..

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My Tulip project & book is being featured in Italy's ilPost.

Celine Marchbank | Photographer | September 7, 2017

My Tulip project & book is being featured in Italy's ilPost You can see more images from the project on my site:   Or if you would like to buy a copy of the book you can order from the..

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