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Interview with Peter Bauza for FotoEvidence FotoWitness

Régina Monfort | Editor | November 22, 2017


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In Conversation with Gina Martin on The Bob and Diane Fund

Adriana Teresa Letorney | Editor | October 17, 2017

Interview by Adriana Teresa Letorney , Visura Follow Gina Martin via Visura Gina Martin has worked at National Geographic for 17 years.  She is the Managing Account Executive, Editorial Sales for their photo agency, NG Creative. Gina is the Founder and Executive Director of  the  Bob  and Diane  Fund — a photography grant for visual storytelling about Alzheimer's and dementia. She is determined to find a cure for Alzheimer's - in honor of her dear mom. I had the honor to ask Gina a few questions.  The deadline to submit for the Grant has been extended to October 29th, 2017. To learn more, click here.   Adriana Teresa: What or who inspired launching the Bob and Diane Fund?   Gina Martin:  Photography and finding a cure for Alzheimer's are two of my main passions and it just made sense to combine them into something good. My mother died of Alzheimer's in 2011 and my father was her caregiver and passed away just 3 months after she did. It is my way of honoring them and thanking them for teaching me the gift of giving. ATL: How can photography contribute to further Alzheimer and dementia research?   GM: Showing a wide range of images from all over the world about this disease will bring a more visual awareness to how devastating dementia is to the person living with it as well as their family. ATL: What does the Bob & Diane Fund look for to support a visual story? GM: We are looking for a cohesive and interesting focus of the disease - whether it is of patients, caregivers or from a science perspective. ATL: What does the Bob & Diane Fund look for in a photographer? GM: We are looking for photographers who are passionate about this work and who will continue their project with a book, exhibition or through education. ATL: Who are the organizations that the Foundation works with in order to further Alzheimer and dementia research? GM: Right now we are focused on getting the grantees work out there. We have been very fortunate to be supported by the Alzheimer's Association, NPR, Washington Post, The New York Time, Huffington Post and many photo blogs. FujiFilm North America was generous to donate a camera to our 2016 grantee as well. #grateful ATL: What are the awarded stories used for by the Bob & Diane Fund? GM: We work hard to get them published and seen worldwide when the grantee is announced. We also post on social media throughout the year to inspire people to apply, get involved or to just start a conversation. ATL: What is the long-term mission of the fund? GM: The long-term mission is to continue bringing a visual awareness and dialog to a disease that has lived in the shadows for too long. We want people to understand that this disease is more than just memory loss and that we must find a cure. ATL: How can non-profit organizations in search of new visual stories focused on Alzheimer and dementia support this organization? GM: Obviously, as a 501c3 organization, we are always looking at ways to raise money so that we can increase our grant each year and provide workshop sponsorships. We want to inspire young photographers to work on stories about Alzheimer's or dementia and would like to support that beginning work and would love to partner with other education organizations. ATL: What contributions can the combination of both photography and research do to further science?   GM:   We believe that a visual awareness and dialog will bring a better understanding to this disease and inspire people to care, get involved, and to donate to help find a cure.

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On Washington Post's In Sight Blog: Photographers edit photographers: Nina Berman’s ‘frighteningly intelligent’ imagery

Nina Berman | Photographer | September 18, 2017

Photo Editor Karly Domb Sadof This post is part of the In Sight series, “ PHOTOGRAPHERS edit PHOTOGRAPHERS .” In this installment, NOOR photographer Tanya Habjouqa edits the work of her colleague, Nina Berman. Read the full article, here .

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on NatGeo Creative: Start Collecting Prints by Gina Martin

Gina Martin | Editor | September 14, 2017

When people come into my home, the first thing they comment on is my orange refrigerator.  The second comment is about how many photographs live on my walls.  I have been collecting signed prints for the past 10 years  and  have a collection of close to 100...

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Adriana Teresa Letorney | Editor | September 11, 2017

 Below a few key tips for you to consider:  ON MARKING & NETWORKING: *  DISCOVER & CONNECT: On your dashboard, select  DISCOVER to browse through projects, images, creatives, editors, and organizations .  *  FORUM:  On your..

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Photojournalism and its future

Nina Berman | Photographer | September 7, 2017

September 26, 2017 From   4pm to 6pm Pakhuis de Zwijger Piet Heinkade 179 1019 HC Amsterdam As there are more and more photographers around the world, photojournalists are faced with dwindling possibilities and an industry reluctant to pay for their work. Photojournalists are..

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Visura launches single image archive

Visura Community | Organization | August 30, 2017

Delighted to announce the soft-launch of Visura's first single image archive! Log into your dashboard and select DISCOVER>IMAGES>and check it out! Members can upload single images to their personal SINGLE IMAGE ARCHIVE . These will also stream via the new IMAGE PUBLIC ARCHIVE.  So excited..

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TIP: For better or for others—Put myself out there

Adriana Teresa Letorney | Editor | August 27, 2017

Let me tell you about my experience with awards and recognitions. For everyone who gets frustrated about not receiving an award or grant or recognition, let me tell you about my experience with awards and recognitions. My name is Adriana Teresa Letorney. I am a Puerto Rican woman, mostly..

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Katie Orlinsky, Photographer. An Interview with Josh Haftel | Adobe Creative Cloud

Katie Orlinsky | Photographer | August 15, 2017

This week we're talking to New York City based photojournalist and documentary photographer Katie Orlinsky.  View here . 

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My Photo Editor Mind - Soft Edit

Mary Vignoles | Editor | August 9, 2017

With that project almost done, now is the perfect time to review it and see what’s missing. I like to call this a soft edit. I think it’s really important to review your work, especially on longer-term projects to see what you missed, if the direction shifted, and to fill in the gaps. Have..

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My Photo Editor Mind - Your Website

Mary Vignoles | Editor | August 2, 2017

Your website is making a first impression on anyone who looks at it. Regardless of whether the images are good or not, if there are too many images and categories and it’s disorganized, that is what people will think of you. That’s their first impression of you. Enough thinking about it,..

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