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On Washington Post's In Sight Blog: Photographers edit photographers: Nina Berman’s ‘frighteningly intelligent’ imagery

Nina Berman | Photographer | September 21, 2017


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on NatGeo Creative: Start Collecting Prints by Gina Martin

Gina Martin | Editor | September 14, 2017

When people come into my home, the first thing they comment on is my orange refrigerator.  The second comment is about how many photographs live on my walls.  I have been collecting signed prints for the past 10 years  and  have a collection of close to 100.  These range in style from reportage to fine art  and  vary in size from 4×6 to 16×20.  This passion began from photography flash sales which is a great way to start collecting.  To own a signed print from a world-renowned photographer for $100 is rare  and  exciting.  However, that excitement soon turns to panic when I have to find a place on my walls! See the stunning collection from elite photographers like  William Albert Allard ,  Jodi Cobb ,  Paul Nicklen  and  Ami Vitale in our current flash sale  here . Read the rest of the blog I wrote.... here .

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Adriana Teresa Letorney | Editor | September 11, 2017

 Below a few key tips for you to consider:  ON MARKING & NETWORKING: *  DISCOVER & CONNECT: On your dashboard, select  DISCOVER to browse through projects, images, creatives, editors, and organizations .  *  FORUM:  On your..

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Photojournalism and its future

Nina Berman | Photographer | September 7, 2017

September 26, 2017 From   4pm to 6pm Pakhuis de Zwijger Piet Heinkade 179 1019 HC Amsterdam As there are more and more photographers around the world, photojournalists are faced with dwindling possibilities and an industry reluctant to pay for their work. Photojournalists are..

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Visura launches single image archive

Visura Community | Organization | August 30, 2017

Delighted to announce the soft-launch of Visura's first single image archive! Log into your dashboard and select DISCOVER>IMAGES>and check it out! Members can upload single images to their personal SINGLE IMAGE ARCHIVE . These will also stream via the new IMAGE PUBLIC ARCHIVE.  So excited..

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TIP: For better or for others—Put myself out there

Adriana Teresa Letorney | Editor | August 27, 2017

Let me tell you about my experience with awards and recognitions. For everyone who gets frustrated about not receiving an award or grant or recognition, let me tell you about my experience with awards and recognitions. My name is Adriana Teresa Letorney. I am a Puerto Rican woman, mostly..

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Katie Orlinsky, Photographer. An Interview with Josh Haftel | Adobe Creative Cloud

Katie Orlinsky | Photographer | August 15, 2017

This week we're talking to New York City based photojournalist and documentary photographer Katie Orlinsky.  View here . 

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My Photo Editor Mind - Soft Edit

Mary Vignoles | Editor | August 9, 2017

With that project almost done, now is the perfect time to review it and see what’s missing. I like to call this a soft edit. I think it’s really important to review your work, especially on longer-term projects to see what you missed, if the direction shifted, and to fill in the gaps. Have..

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My Photo Editor Mind - Your Website

Mary Vignoles | Editor | August 2, 2017

Your website is making a first impression on anyone who looks at it. Regardless of whether the images are good or not, if there are too many images and categories and it’s disorganized, that is what people will think of you. That’s their first impression of you. Enough thinking about it,..

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on Pursuit: Seven Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Expensive Camera

Bloomberg Businessweek | Organization | August 2, 2017

Even the best camera will take you only so far if you don't know how to use it. Read the full article, here . By Nikki Ekstein

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My Photo Editor Mind - Autofocus can hurt you

Mary Vignoles | Editor | July 26, 2017

One of the major drawbacks of autofocus is that photographers sometimes rely on it to compose their images. But there’s a problem. The focus is smack dab right in the middle of the image, and the image reflects that. You end up with either a poorly framed image or an image that seems off balance..

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