New Fonts Added to the Site Builder!

Graham Letorney | Photographer | May 23, 2017

Happy to announce that we've added new fonts to the Site Builder! You can now find them in the Design Editor. CHECK IT OUT!  Questions? Contact us at

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Visura highlights 12 photographers to celebrate Earth Day!

Adriana Teresa Letorney | Editor | April 26, 2017

In honor of EARTH DAY—Visura highlights twelve photographers, who have worked on projects that bring awareness to the importance of protecting the environment. Each was found via Visura's new  Advanced Search Engine , a program that allows editors and buyers to search Visura's database. You can search by members or projects as well as browse tags. View complete feauture, here .  Please remember to TAG YOUR PROJECTS! 

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Visura Community | Organization | March 9, 2017

TO DO OR NOT TO DO By Mark Murrmann Director of Photography at Mother Jones Magazine Consider the medium in which you're pitching work. Establish a relationship. Working is long-term. Yes, there are exceptions for all of these points. This is beyond the basics of, spell the editor's..

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Helpful Hints - Visura Do's and Don'ts

Visura Community | Organization | February 7, 2017

By Scott Thode Editorial Director, Visura Make your Projects public. Public Projects are visible on your profile page and to the Visura community at large. If you're using the Site Builder to share your work, be sure to use Project pages (not Landing pages or Text pages). Only..

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5 Ways to Connect with Editors

Visura Community | Organization | January 1, 2017

5 Ways to Connect 1. Create a project on your Dashboard or Site Builder. Under project privacy, select Public for Visura Editors. This will: A) stream your project on editors’ dashboard; and B) email your project directly to the editors at large via our 2 x week email-updates. 2. Publish..

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Note on Grant Submission Fees & Visura Memberships

Visura Community | Organization | March 16, 2016

Submission to Visura Grants and Open Calls is free for our members. While we encourage new members to join Visura ( review costs ), we actively discourage new users from joining for the sole purpose of applying to a contest. We believe in a better model and we seek to create an alternative to..

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