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NY Times Lens Blog Review

Nina Berman | Photographer | November 18, 2017

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New Project: Sea Ice Stories

Acacia Johnson | Photographer | November 17, 2017

Ever since spending a winter in the Canadian Arctic, I've been dreaming of going back to photograph a new project about sea ice and community.  I'm determined to make it happen next year, so I built the project its own crowdfunding website, featuring a highly discounted print sale! Sea Ice Stories Stories Celebrating Sea Ice and Community in the Canadian Arctic Learn More Given the astronomical costs of operating in the Canadian Arctic, my goal is to raise $10,000 to make this project possible - before November 30th. Please take a look, and if you'd like to contribute, check out the print sale - prints from POLARIS are over 50% off until the end of the month! Thanks to everyone for your support and to my incredible sponsors so far. We're nearly halfway there.

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85 New Photos from Washington DC !

Robert Wojtowicz | Photographer | November 17, 2017

85 New Photos from Washington DC ! UNITED STATES CAPITOL US CONGRESS WASHINGTON DC BLACK AND WHITE Large Fine Art Prints | Framed | Canvas | Metal | Acrylic | Wood | Stock Photos View Large:..

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Book Signing and Presentation

Fran Antmann | Photographer | November 17, 2017


Mirror, Mirror

Foley Gallery | Organization | November 16, 2017

The 4 artists selected by Juror, Elinor Carucci are  Tom Butler, Jennifer Loeber, Sharon Draghi and Zhiyuan Yang. Foley Gallery is excited to announce our upcoming exhibition, Mirror, Mirror. The exhibition is juried by Elinor Carucci and..

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Witness to Beauty | Sage Sohier

Foley Gallery | Organization | November 16, 2017

Foley Gallery is pleased to present Witness to Beauty, a solo exhibition featuring photographs of Sage Sohier’s mother, Wendy Morgan.  This will be the artist’s 4th solo exhibition with the gallery.  Witness to Beauty is a 25-year chronicle of..

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powerHouse Books | Organization | November 16, 2017

Joseph Rodriguez's gritty portrait of Spanish Harlem - Creative Review What's beautiful about Rodriquez's work is that it simultaneously glorifies the past and celebrates the Harlem that still exists today

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My Photo Editor Mind - Ann Johansson

Mary Vignoles | Editor | November 15, 2017

My Photo Editor Mind - Ann Johansson When I was a picture editor at the Los Angeles Times, I use to hire freelance photographer Ann Johansson. It’s funny; we barely knew each other in Los Angeles. I hired her for these evening performance gigs on the weekend. She’d come into the..

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British Journal of Photography on the Photo Vogue Festival 2017

Supranav Dash | Photographer | November 15, 2017

Vogue Italia's Alessia Glaviano on curating the Photo Vogue Festival "The main issues in fashion currently are gender and identity, and a more inclusive image of beauty," says Alessia Glaviano. "It partially comes from Instagram - Instagram has made a big change." It's..

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On The Washington Post: The Bob and Diane Fund announces 2nd grantee: Christopher Nunn

Gina Martin | Editor | November 15, 2017

The Bob and Diane Fund is so excited to announce our 2nd grantee Christopher Nunn and his lovely and poetic work, Falling into the Day. Thank you to Sony Alpha for donating a beautiful camera & lens to Chrisopher as well!!  # ENDAlzheimers #Sonyalpha..

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Mexican sound- system phenomena in Il Reportage

Livia Radwanski | Photographer | November 15, 2017

 A story on the sound - system culture in Mexico City, also known as the Sonidero Culture, has been published in the online version of the italian magazine Il Reportage. Two of my images and my testimony accompanies Virginia Negro´s text.  For story click HERE For more on Sonideros,..

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