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"The Unflinching Gaze: photo media & the male figure"

Nikki Johnson | Photographer | December 16, 2017


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“Gourougou” receives Honorable Mention & 2 Nominees in the Black & White Spider Awards 2017.

Txomin Txueka | Photographer | October 15, 2017

“Gourougou” wins Honorable Mention & 2 Nominees in the 12th Annual Black & White Spider Awards (Professional: Photojournalism category).  http://www.thespiderawards.com/12gala/winners.php?x=p&cid=362 http://www.thespiderawards.com/12gala/nominations.php?x=p&cid=362

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Mothership NYC. An evening of Art, Slideshows and Performance

mara catalan | Photographer | October 11, 2017

Dear friends  Tomorrow Ill be sharing some of my photographs - Besides some older work I will be showing a first draft of my newest video "Chicken Skin" -"It is about two worlds trying to coexist. A dream, turns into a dream turns into to the unconscious sense where things that happen actually..

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“We do not need you, here. / If I could only fly.” has been selected as the 16th grantee of Reminders Photography Stronghold Grant from 2017

Hiroshi Okamoto | Photographer | October 10, 2017

My project  “We do not need you, here. / If I could only fly.” has been selected as the 16th grantee of Reminders Photography Stronghold Grant from 2017 June deadline submissions selected by seven commissioned judges,Peggy Sue Amison, Marie Lelievre, Emmeline Yong, Enrico Bossan, Staton..

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MAAC on the Map: Caught In Time-contemporary photographic exhibit.

Shoun Hill | Photographer | October 9, 2017

If you are in NYC or just passing through next Thursday, please stop by and and take a look at the work. Thanks! Shoun

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Gallery Opening: Manhattan Art and Antiques Center

Shoun Hill | Photographer | October 9, 2017

If you are in NYC I have a gallery opening Oct. 19, from 5:30-7:30. Its a 12 person show. MAAC on the Map: Caught in Time, Contemporary Art Exhibition Series being held at the Manhattan Art and Antiques Center, 1050 2nd Avenue, New York NY 10022. If you come please stop and say hi! Shoun

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Supporting Aid Efforts in Puerto Rico

Jason Houston | Photographer | October 8, 2017

My friend Crista Dix of Wall Space Creative is raising support for Direct Relief International and recovery efforts in Puerto Rico. I'm donating this print to help out. There are some other great ones too. Please check it out: ..

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KickStarter Campaign

Rocio De Alba | Photographer | October 7, 2017

I am am seeking funds to complete my handmade one of a kind limited edition artist books. To help achieve this I have created a KickStarter campaign.  Please have a look and consider the variety of items I am offering for your pledge. Here  is a brief video and link to the page...

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October exhibitions

Nina Berman | Photographer | October 6, 2017

My work can be seen at the following exhibitons in October https://ninaberman.wordpress.com/2017/10/06/october-2017-exhibitions/

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“Zurumbatico” at Cortona on the Move (Interview with Luis Cobelo)

Clary Estes | Photographer | October 5, 2017

Cortona on the Move may be over, but you should still check out Luis Cobelo's "Zurumbatico"! From August 13th until the 17th I attended the Cortona On the Move Photography Festival in Cortona, Italy. Here are some of the photography exhibits and workshops that interested me the most. I was lucky..

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Inside-Outside Exhibition at CSU East Bay

David Gross | Photographer | October 4, 2017

The first exhibition of The Inside-Outside Project in Europe opened at the California State University East Bay art gallery. Visitors are reacting strongly the unique combination of photography and drawings, finding meaning and feeling in their meetings with these kids. Quick Video of the..

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