Dimitri Mellos

Location: New York City
Nationality: Greek
Biography:   Dimitri Mellos was born in Athens, Greece. Since 2005 he’s been living in New York City. Having received little formal schooling in photography, Dimitri started photographing seriously and consistently in 2008. His work has been... read on
selected for American Photography 31
dimitri mellos
Mar 12, 2015

hello community! I'm very honored and pleased to announce that my work was selected for inclusion in American Photography 31. This was my second time of submitting to AP, and second time to be selected.  


By Dimitri Mellos —

News Spotlight

My work published on The Washington Post

By Dimitri Mellos — In the fall, The Washington Post partnered with Visura in an open call for submissions of photo essays . The Post selected five winners and three..

Winner, Street photography series, Pollux Awards

By Dimitri Mellos — I'm very pleased to announce that I am the winner in the Street Photography series category of the 2018 Pollux Awards. I'm honored that the..

1st place, Pollux Awards

By Dimitri Mellos — I'm very pleased to announce that a short selection of my work on New York's Chinatown received 1st place (series) in the Documentary &..

My interview in the Leica Blog

By Dimitri Mellos — I'm honored and excited to have been interviewed by the Leica Blog who are also showcasing my Chinatown project. ..

my Chinatown project featured on Lensculture

By Dimitri Mellos — I'm very pleased to have had a small sample of my Chinatown project featured on lensculture:..
Exhibitions News

Solo exhibition in Canberra, Australia

By Dimitri Mellos — I am very exhited to annouce my first exhibition in Australia, in the wonderful gallery The Photography Room: http://www.thephotographyroom.com.au/

LensCulture interview

By Dimitri Mellos — I am truly thrilled to have been interviewed by  Jim Casper  and featured on LensCulture . It was a pleasure tackling these thought-provoking..
Awards News

Juror's Pick - Magnum Photography Awards 2016

By Dimitri Mellos — I am extremely honored to have been selected as a Juror's Pick for the Magnum Photography Awards 2016. Here is what Jim Casper, LensCulture's..
Awards News

Featured in Life Force magazine

By Dimitri Mellos — A very happy and creative new year to all!  I am pleased to be starting the new year with my work being featured on Life Force magazine! I am..

one of my photos used by the LENS blog for their facebook banner.

By Dimitri Mellos — So honored and pleasantly surprised that the New York Times' LENS blog decided to use one of my photos as their new cover photo for their Facebook..

Interviewed by the WPO blog

By Dimitri Mellos — I am very excited to have been interviewed by the WPO blog, who are featuring my work. Please take a look: ..

Featured in Emerging Photographer magazine

By Dimitri Mellos — Really pleased to be featured in the current issue of Emerging Photographer! 

Illustrated Guide to Greece featured in the International New York Times

By Dimitri Mellos — Very pleased that after appearing in the LENS blog, my series of landscapes from Greece was also featured on page 2 of the International New York..

Greek landscapes in the New York Times LENS blog

By Dimitri Mellos — I am thrilled to be featured in the Times' LENS blog for the second time, this time for my landscapes series from Greece. Many thanks to the LENS..

Upcoming solo show in Athens, Greece

By Dimitri Mellos — Excited about my new solo show in Athens, Greece, opening this Saturday. Wish I could be there!  

Honored to be the winner of the Palm Springs Photo Festival slideshow contest

By Dimitri Mellos — I am very honored and excited to announce that I recently won the Palm Springs Photo Festival's slideshow contest this year. Thanks to all the..
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