David Gasser

Death of a Patriot
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Nationality: USA
Biography: David Gasser is a freelance photographer living in San Juan, Puerto Rico. A native of New Mexico in the USA, David has lived and traveled in many different places, documenting his daily surroundings and his travels.  He is particularly... read on
Public Story
Death of a Patriot
Credits: david f gasser
Updated: 08/11/10
Location: Old San Juan

Puerto Rican Nationalist Dolores "Lolita" Lebrón Sotomayor passed away on August 1, 2010 at the age of 90.  Lolita was one of a group of Puerto Rican Nationalists who mounted an assault on the US House of Representatives in 1954.  In the House Gallery, she unfurled a Puerto Rican flag and shouted "¡Viva Puerto Rico Libre!"  She opened fire, aiming at the ceiling.  Upon her arrest, Lolita declared, "I didn't come to kill anyone, I came to die for Puerto Rico."  Convicted, she served 25 years in a US Federal Prison until pardoned by US President Jimmy Carter in 1981.  Throughout her long life, she remained committed to Puerto Rican Independence and was an important figure in the struggle against the continued US Navy bombing exercises on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques.  She received a hero's burial in the historic cemetery of Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazzis in Old San Juan only steps from the tomb of Pedro Albizu Campos, one of the early leaders of the Puerto Rican Independence Movement.