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Ten dollar pension
Location: Arnhem, The Netherlands
Nationality: Dutch
Biography: Sanne Derks is a documentary photojournalist and anthropologist from Arnhem, the Netherlands. During her Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology (2009) on how Bolivian women deal with gender, ethnic and class inequality within Marian devotion, she became... read on
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Ten dollar pension
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Updated 03/23/20

Cuba’s life expectancy of 79,1 years old is remarkable. It is almost equal to the life expectancy of the USA. According to Cuba’s pension system, the retirement age for women is 60 and for men is 65 with 30 years of employment. As salaries are extremely low, pension often are less than 10 dollar (265 peso Cubano). The dual economy on the tropical island demands Cuban to be inventive to survive and gain money to buy the products that cannot be bought in peso Cubano and that are not included in the ‘libreta’ or subsidized supplies booklet. Cubans have to find a supplementary income to make ends meet. I photographed Cuba’s elderly and their jobs in the streets of various Cuban cities.  


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