Sanne Derks

Location: Arnhem
Nationality: Dutch
Biography: Sanne Derks is a Dutch freelance photojournalist and anthropologist, mainly focused on social documentary projects in Latin America. She is a member of Women Photograph. Her work is published in international media such as The Guardian, El... read on
Public Story
Credits: sanne derks
Date of Work: 10/30/19 - 12/16/19
Updated: 12/16/19
What at first seemed some innocent inconveniences of the human body, turned into a scenario of life or death. Unexpectedly my partner got the message he had a tumour in his small intestine. Both me and my partner suddenly entered an acute existential crisis, a trajectory of hospital examinations, numerous inadequate thoughts, worries, fears and insecurities. In search for consolation I started to photograph him during this process. The camera helped me to look with a different eye and construct something beautiful out of all pain and difficulty. In nature and small gestures we found comfort and relief from our disastrous minds. It helped us gain a better grip on the situation, paradoxally, as we learned that illness and fate can hit randomly and is beyond our control.