Deirdre Rosenberg

Photographer & Storyteller
Location: Pagosa Springs, CO
Biography: Deirdre Rosenberg is a wildlife photographer with a deep passion for the alpine. Her work with alpine and subalpine species shines a light on how our changing climate and growing outdoor recreation impacts these beings. When Deirdre isn't in... read on
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Book Release! The American Pika: Notes From the Field by Deirdre Denali Rosenberg
deirdre rosenberg
Nov 20, 2021
Beautiful images and observations from years in the field tell a story of the American Pika.The American Pika: Notes From the Field — Deirdre Denali Photography
This collection of images and field notes from conservation photographer and storyteller Deirdre Denali Rosenberg shines a light on her most favorite alpine friends: the American Pika. Deirdre invites you to sit back and enjoy her images and...

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