David Degner

Modern Miracles
Location: New York, New York
Nationality: United States
Biography: I'm a  New York based photographer working on documentary and commercial photography .  I feel it is essential to document this moment in the US while expanding my visual language to incorporate more video and experimental work.
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Modern Miracles
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Updated Feb 2022
Location Cairo
Topics Arts, Belief, Christianity, Conceptual, Documentary, Editorial, Essays, Feature, Fine Art, History, Islam, Journalism, Photography, Politics, Religion, Spirituality
While working on news stories in Egypt I heard other stories of modern miracles that intrigued me, so I started keeping a list. The list grew to about 50 miracles, interventions in the physical world, or blessed locations.  Over about 6 years I tracked down these stories to their sources and made photographs along the way.

Now I'm a photographer based in Boston, but still searching for miracles
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Modern Miracles by David Degner
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