Chiara Dazi

Marshrutkascape #210
Location: Berlin
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Chiara is an Italian documentary photographer with a passion for sports, traditions and the East. She worked in the archive of VU' agency in Paris and graduated from the Ostkreuz photography school in Berlin. Interested in how collective... read on
Exclusive Story
Marshrutkascape #210
Credits: chiara dazi
Date of Work: 09/04/18 - 10/03/18
Updated: 08/30/20
Location: Kaliningrad
Marshrutki (shared taxis) define the transportation system of many post-Soviet countries: after developing an answer to the mobility demand when the states were adjusting to a new political and social system, they still outline the landscape of long-distance and inner-city traveling.
Approaching different countries where these networks subsist, the project visually translates how this light and flexible transportation system keeps the societies in a constant movement and which spatial and social transformations it produces.
I engaged in chosen routes in different countries, approaching the travellers and then describing the cultural specifics with an immersive practice. I create a mapping of the route with images and stories about those encounters.