Chiara Dazi

Photographer @ Anzenberger / Based in Berlin

Chiara is an Italian documentary photographer with a passion for sports, traditions and the East. She worked in the archive of VU' agency in Paris and graduated from the Ostkreuz photography school in Berlin. Interested in how... read on
Focus: Photographer, Photojournalist, Radio Producer, Researcher, Reporter, Travel, Sports, Business, Fine Art, Documentary, News, Photo Editor, Creative Director, Photography, Portraiture, Events, Culture, International News, Arts & Culture, Freelance, International Desk, Humanitarian, Commercial, Artist, Short Films, Editorial, Newspapers, Editing, Storyteller, Visual Artist
Skills: Research, Translator, Image Archiving, Sports, Audio Recording, Photo Assisting, Film Scanning, Adobe Premier, Photo Editing, Curating, Art Direction, Copywriting, Multimedia Production, Photojournalism, Video Editing, Film Processing, Film Photography, Marketing