David Sladek

Photographer, journalist
The Age of Social Distancing
Location: Surrey, UK
Nationality: Czech
Biography: David Sládek is Czech independent photojournalist and photodocumentarist living in London and a former reporter for the Czech News Agency. Since moving to London more than a decade ago he has been focusing his photographic work on life of... read on
Public Story
The Age of Social Distancing
Credits: david sladek
Date of Work: 03/21/20 - Ongoing
Updated: 03/26/20
Location: London, Uk
Once full of life, love and protest, London streets went silent on the first Spring day of 2020 as COVID-19 coronavirus took over the world. Whilst most European countries have introduced strict controls on wearing protective face masks and public gatherings were cancelled a week ago, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced only on Friday 20th March that pubs, clubs and gyms are to be closed. As panic buying emptied supermarket shelves of many essential goods Brits are now advised to exercise social distancing by staying at home. And most of them seem to do so. However, face protection is not yet taking to streets.

By David Sladek —


George Floyd protest, London, 31/05/2020

By David Sladek / London, UK — Thousands of protesters filled streets of London in defiance of COVID-19 restrictions to protest against..

Anti COVID-19 lockdown protest, London, UK, 09/05/2020

By David Sladek / London, UK — A handful of anti COVID-19 lockdown protesters met today by the London Eye hoping to march to the Parliament..

From anti COVID-19 lockdown protest, London, 16/05/2020

By David Sladek / London, UK — About two hundred anti COVID-19 lockdown protesters have me today at Hyde Park's Speaker's Corner in..

Fighting with my photographic-self in the lockdown

By David Sladek / Surrey — The last three plus years, I spent photographing protests and places full of people - the more the merrier -..

Notting Hill Carnival - before, and hopefully after the age of social distancing

By David Sladek / London, UK — It is almost inconceivable to think about Notting Hill Carnival in London and not question whether the..

My Šumiac archives 2010 - 2020

By David Sladek / Šumiac, SK — Šumiac is a small village at the end of the road under the majestic Kráľova Hola (King's..

Brexit Night: as it happened

By David Sladek / London, UK — Thousands of Brexit supporters filled London's Parliament Square on 31st January 2020 to celebrate the..

Serbian Orthodox believers pray and protest against new Montenegro law threatenning to strip the Church of its properties

By David Sladek / London, Uk — On 5th January 2020, several hundreds of Serbian Orthodox believers have attended moleban (special prayers)..

Demonstration against antisemitism, London, 08/12/2019

By David Sladek / London, UK — Several thousand people joined demonstration against rising antisemitism in the United Kingdom. Protesters..

Demonstrations against NATO summit, Trump and Turkish invasion of Syria, London, 03/12/2019

By David Sladek / London, UK — Several thousand people demonstrated in London during 70th anniversary NATO summit attended by world..

Thawra - Lebanese revolution entering 8th week amid failing state economy

By David Sladek / Beirut — Thousands of Lebanese of all generations have been taking to the streets for over 7 weeks to protest against..

Czechs celebrate 30 years since Velvet revolution with a demonstration against current Prime Minister

By David Sladek / Prague — Estimated 300 thousand people attended a demonstration on Prague's famous Letná plain where mass..

From "From London to Beirut" demonstration, London, 03/11/2019

By David Sladek / London, UK — Several hundred Lebanese expats and supporters met for the third weekend in a row in a peaceful protest to..

From People's Vote March - The Final Say, London, 19/10/2019

By David Sladek / London, UK — Hundreds of thousands of supporters of a second referendum on Brexit marched through London on Saturday at..

From "From London to Lebanon" demonstrations

By David Sladek / London, UK — For two consecutive weekends thousands of protesters have been gathering in London in support of ongoing..

From Free Kashmir protest, London, 27/10/2019

By David Sladek / London, UK — Several thousand supporters of an independent Kashmir protested in London against a curfew imposed on the..

From the Brexit party: "The day we leave, a night to remember"

By David Sladek / London, UK — 31/10/2019, the day Brexit didn't happen. Again. Approximately two hundred pro-Brexit protesters..
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