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David Diaz

Location: Quito, Ecuador
Nationality: Ecuadorian
Biography: David Díaz is an Ecuadorian audiovisual communicator and documentary visual storyteller. He is a member of Fluxus Foto. His work has been featured in PH Museum. He has worked in several State programs and various NGOs as an educator through... read on
Public Story
Credits: david diaz
Date of Work: 02/21/16 - Ongoing
Updated: 01/15/20
Location: Azuay, Ecuador
A work in progress, the series titled Zhuracpamba documents the four agricultural festivals (Pawcar Raymi, Inti Raymi, Kulla Raymi, Kapac Raymi) which celebrate the different stages of planting and harvesting of the fruits obtained by Alpa Mama also known as Mother Earth. 

Zhuracpamba is a community located in Azuay, Ecuador, where several indigenous cultures, including the Saraguros, Cañaris, and Paltas people converge from the different Andean towns of the country since Pre-Inca times 
to celebrate the Andean agricultural festivals and rituals typical of the indigenous worldview of the Andes. 

As part of the festivities, the community dances to the rhythm of the zapateo, a dance deeply rooted in the Spanish Flamenco and the Gypsies. With the blow of the bare feet on the earth and the use of ancestral plants such as Aguacolla, Ayahuasca, Tobacco, Coca leaf, Sage, Mushrooms—these participants are part of preserving their cultural heritage and connoisseurs of traditional and natural medicine for the care of the spirit and the body.

Trabajo en desarrollo, Zhuracpamba es una comunidad ubicada en Azuay, Ecuador. En este lugar convergen varias culturas indigenas de los diferentes pueblos andinos del país Saraguros, Cañaris, Paltas y Mestizos.

Se reúnen es este lugar desde tiempos pre-incas para celebrar las fiestas agrícolas andinas y rituales propios de la cosmovisión indígena de los andes. Al ritmo del zapateo, golpe de los pies descalzos sobre la tierra y el uso de plantas ancestrales como el Aguacolla, Ayahuasca, Tábaco, hoja de Coca, Salvia, Setas. Son parte de la salvaguardia de un patrimonio cultural inmaterial y conocedores de la medicina tradicional  para el cuidado del espíritu y el cuerpo.
Las fotografías documentan rituales andinos de purificación así como  las festivales agrícolas: Pawcar Raymi, Inti Raymi, Kulla Raymi, Kapac Raymi, que celebra las diferentes etapas de siembra y cosecha de los frutos obtenidos por la Allpa Mama. Madre Tierra.

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