David Diaz

Kay Pacha
Location: Quito, Ecuador
Nationality: Ecuadorian
Biography: David Diaz Arcos is an Ecuadorian audiovisual communicator and documentary visual storyteller. He is a member of Fluxus Foto and The Everyday Projects, @everydayandes. He has worked in several State programs and various NGOs as an educator through... read on
Public Story
Kay Pacha
Credits: david diaz
Date of Work: 09/21/18 - 04/13/19
Updated: 12/02/19
"Kay Pacha" Party in the village is a registry that is born within the framework of TERRITORY TALES a photographic and visual creation laboratory created and produced by FLUXUS FOTO that aims to generate learning processes around photography and visual narrative;  In addition to promoting the development of collective projects, encouraging the creation and expansion  of networks for management among visual creators and strengthening photography as a social tool.  These photographs are a personal extract of the laboratory that was made in two Andean towns of Ecuador.  Machachi in the north zone and Chuquiribamba in the south zone, border with Peru.
Kay Pacha en Quechua "Fiesta en el Pueblo" en español es un registro que nace en el marco de RELATOS EN TERRITORIO un laboratorio de creación fotográfica y visual realizado y producido por FLUXUS FOTO que tiene como objetivo generar procesos de aprendizaje alrededor de la fotografía y la narrativa visual; además de promover el desarrollo de proyectos colectivos, fomentar la creación y expansión de redes para la gestión entre creadores visuales y fortalecer a la fotografía como herramienta social.
Estas fotografías son un extracto personal del laboratorio que se realizó en dos pueblos andinos del Ecuador. Machachi en la zona norte y Chuquiribamba en la zona sur, frontera con Perú.

By David Diaz —



By David Diaz


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