Dario De Dominicis

Documentary photographer and fotojournalist
The Olympic Slum
Location: Rio de Janeiro
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Dario De Dominicis (Rome 1965) is a documentary photographer and photojoutnalist based in Rio de Janeiro, Havana and Rome. He began working as a professional photographer in 1993 publishing his work in several Italian and international newspapers... MORE
Public Story
The Olympic Slum
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Date of Work Dec 1969 - Dec 1969
Updated Sep 2018
Location Rio de Janeiro
Topics Documentary

With this project I wanted to accompany the deep urban transformation that involved the hill of Providencia, the oldest favela in Rio de Janeiro. I came here for the first time in autumn 2011 when the construction of a cable-car, for touristic reasons, led to the removal of many families. I have been falling in love with this place and its people, and I uderstood that what was happening here was emblematic of the real situation in Rio. The pacification process generated an increase in the market value, triggering a very strong property speculation. The rents as well as the general living costs run out of control, becoming unaffordable for the lower-middle class. The urban landscape of the whole city is changing, affecting the social geography and pushing the poor in the suburbs. In the last year, narco-traffic has gradually regained its territory and people's lives are on the line again. A year from the next Olympic Games, I firmly believe that institutions cannot and shouldn't forget that the Providencia Hill is a living part of the historical memory of Rio, where the carioca identity sink its roots.

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Dario De Dominicis / Rio de Janeiro
The Olympic Slum by Dario De Dominicis
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