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I am afraid he'll see me and hurt me
Location: Vilobí d´Onyar
Nationality: Spain
Biography: David Aparicio Fita, Catalan freelance photojournalist. He started in the world of journalism in 2010, graduated in photojournalism. He currently collaborates with El Periódico de Cataluña, Diari de Girona, and for the last 7 years... MORE
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I am afraid he'll see me and hurt me
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Date of Work Aug 2022 - Aug 2022
Updated Aug 2022
Location Figueres
Topics Adolescence, Editorial, Journalism, Photography, Photojournalism, Youth
A 24-year-old man who answers to the initials A.A.V. walks free through the streets of Girona and Figueres after being imprisoned three times for allegedly sexually assaulting with penetration three 13-year-old girls and sexually abusing with penetration a fourth minor of the same age in the capital of the Alt Empordà and surrounding towns
She was only 12 when she met him, and 13 when he abused her. In her room, painted lilac, five pink glitter flowers hooked on the wall and two stuffed animals, remind us that Sandra (fictitious name) is still a child. The one who was her first love is considered by the Mossos to be a 24-year-old serial rapist who has allegedly forced himself on three more girls although there could be more than a dozen victims. "When he threw himself at me I told him that it was my first time, that I wanted it to be nice, that for the moment I didn't want to do anything else, but he didn't listen to me and I ended up leaving him," the minor explains to this newspaper. She reported A.A. V. on July 17. He was arrested on the 22nd but less than a week ago he was released from prison. "What if he wants to hurt me more?" the girl wonders.

Sandra and her mother M. M. M. agree to make their story public in EL PERIÓDICO to shake the consciences of the magistrates of the Provincial Court of Girona who have already released this alleged rapist on three occasions. "It doesn't fit, I don't understand it.... It breaks my soul to think that it can happen again. I need to see him in jail," complains the mother, M. M., who bursts into tears, still in a state of panic and shock at the court's decision. Knowing her story can also help many minors detect his modus operandi to avoid contact with him. "It's very difficult to realize it... and even more so if you like him a lot," the girl explains.

Sandra met AA. V in July 2021. Just when he had just raped another 13-year-old girl who ended up denouncing him last February. He showed up at a botellón she had organized with her friends. "We invited a friend of his who went to my high school, and he brought him," she explains. He is a 17-year-old boy through whom the aggressor infiltrates the lives of teenage girls. At that botellón, the victim and the future aggressor met. She lied to him, saying she was 17. He followed her on Instragam and they talked throughout the summer on this social network. Three days before the start of the new course, on September 10, they met again. A sleepover that ended with a robbery at home as a result of some friends of the aggressor, taking advantage of the fact that the mother of the minor was not at home.

Sandra tried to distance herself from this boy. But a problem arose. "I liked him a lot, I didn't want to like him, but I liked him a lot. I had never felt this way before," the girl says. First love. The 24-year-old man knew it, and often showed up at the high school in the context of some fights between the students. Then he went to prison for the second time, and Sandra read a news item explaining the case. "I didn't understand anything, I thought it couldn't be happening, with me he was a sweetheart," she explains.

In May, when AA. V. was released from prison by decision of the Provincial Court of Girona the girl's doubts vanished. "He is innocent, otherwise he would not have been released", all her friends told her. The manipulation suffered by this girl is such that she even asked for forgiveness for not having believed him. "I felt bad," she explains. "I swear I didn't do anything and I'll prove it: I didn't touch them," he excused himself. But at the same time, he asked her to stop talking on the networks. "I can't talk to minors," the aggressor explained.

"Don't tell anyone."

The manipulation and stunning of the victim was such that today she describes him as "the person she trusted the most". "I could tell him all my problems," the girl continues. The minor and the adult reprimanded the contact through social networks, although he refused to see him in person. Until July 9. "He wrote to me at 13:30 and told me, come quickly to my house and do not tell anyone that I have to give you something." She lied to her father and went to see him at the apartment where she supposedly lived with her parents in Figueres. They sat on the bed and chatted. "He jumped on me and kissed me. I didn't pull away, but then I realized he wanted to go further," she continues. "He tried to take my shirt off, but I stopped him. He tried from underneath but I pushed his hand away too," the girl continues. "I told him that I didn't want that, that it wasn't the moment: that I had never done it before and I wanted it to be something important and nice. And it wasn't," explains the girl, who was 13 years old at the time. "He told me that he trusted me, that we were friends... and then he went back. In the end I left him, I don't know what would have happened if I had insisted that I didn't want to," she explains.

The mother, in shock

The girl remembers that relationship with pain. When he finished, she returned home as fast as she could, "He walked me to the door, when I got home he told me that he liked me a lot.... And I thought... how cute he is," explains the girl, still in pain today. But above all, he demanded that she keep everything a secret. The girl made one exception, her best friend. And, after another botellón, the latter went off on the girl's mother. "I was in shock, I blocked, I broke down. I didn't know what to do, I had a revolution in my head," explains the mother, in tears. A week later, mother and daughter filed a complaint with the Mossos. "The agents told me about his history, they wanted to.... I was worried about what could happen from here on, he is sick," continues the mother.

A 'like' when leaving the prison
The teenager is aware that without her mother's intervention, she would not have reported. "I still loved him... If you don't know it's wrong, it's hard to see it. You are also afraid of disappointing your parents and that they won't believe you", she explains, encouraging all possible victims (about 15 according to the Mossos) to take the same step as her. On July 21, the Mossos arrested him, he went to prison, but on August 8 the Girona Court accepted his appeal and released him with charges. It was, precisely, the day of the girl's birthday. "I was answering congratulations on Instagram, and I saw that he gave me likes to a story. As if to gloat, to make himself noticed that he was back," explains the minor, who only saw him blocked him on that social network.

Now, the family tries to move forward knowing that he is still free. "I see his face everywhere," says the mother. The girl has seen the alleged accomplice, the 17-year-old boy who introduced the aggressor to the group. "I couldn't speak, I couldn't breathe or do anything." An anxiety attack like a house. "What if I run into him? I don't know what he's capable of doing, I want to think he doesn't want to hurt me," says the girl, who has already accepted a change of friends and school, about to start the third year of ESO. "Please have him locked up", asks the mother, disconsolate.

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I am afraid he'll see me and hurt me by David Aparicio Fita
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