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Alarm over the punctures in Spanish discotheques : "I felt I had to say yes to everything".
Location: Vilobí d´Onyar
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Biography: David Aparicio Fita, Catalan freelance photojournalist. He started in the world of journalism in 2010, graduated in photojournalism. He currently collaborates with El Periódico de Cataluña, Diari de Girona, and for the last 7 years... MORE
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Alarm over the punctures in Spanish discotheques : "I felt I had to say yes to everything".
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Updated Aug 2022
Location Lloret de Mar
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The Catalan police, investigate more than 20 complaints for this practice in nightlife that, in none of the cases, preceded an act of sexual aggression or theft.

Alarm over punctures in discotheques

The new way of chemical submission involving a syringe prick is, unfortunately, on the rise this summer after multiple complaints by several young women. Thus, this Wednesday several cases have been added in at least five Spanish provinces including Lloret de Mar, one of the cities on the Costa Brava with the highest number of young tourists in Spain.

The phenomenon of women being pricked in nightlife establishments that have proliferated in recent weeks has led more than two hundred of them to file a complaint for this type of aggression, which is a new manifestation of gender violence that has the police services and the businessmen of the places where these events take place on their guard, causing a feeling of alarm, helplessness and lack of protection.

At first it was feared that the pricking of women was intended to provoke their chemical submission - another type of aggression that has skyrocketed, such as gang rapes - but the analyses carried out on the women who have denounced the pricks have shown that this is not the intention, since in very few cases it has been possible to prove that they had been injected with substances that provoke these effects. But the punctures can also have other possible medical consequences such as the transmission of serious contagious diseases such as HIV or hepatitis. In other words, in addition to being actions typified in the Penal Code, they can have consequences for public health.

An assignment for El Periódico.

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Alarm over the punctures in Spanish discotheques :
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