Claudia Toledo

Strippers in sisterhood
Location: Barcelona
Nationality: Chilean
Biography: Claudia Toledo Campos (Santiago de Chile, 1993)  Documentary photographer - Visual storyteller I studied professional photography in the school of arts and communication ARCOS, in Santiago de Chile, a few years after, I moved to Barcelona... read on
Public Story
Strippers in sisterhood
Credits: claudia toledo
Date of Work: 07/01/19 - Ongoing
Updated: 12/03/19
Location: Berlin, Germany
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Strippers in sisterhood  -Ongoing Project-

Year 2019, worldwide flows of information and communication. We're supossed to live in a very open-minded age, nevertheless, there are still some jobs that historically haven't been taken seriously.

Strippers women, from many places of the world, still don't have labor rights, basic state protection as work contracts or social security in Germany. Due to this, a group of strippers from Berlin led by a Venezuelan woman ''Chiqui'' have self-organized a feminist collective, to fight in sisterhood for their worker rights, trying to change the social stigma over their occupation, and through this, normalize their choices of life and bodies.

They're asking for their rights as workers. Not as victims of the system, but as part of the society.

Berlin, Germany. 2019. 

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