Nathalie Bertrams

Location: Livingstone, Zambia
Biography: Nathalie Bertrams is an award-winning freelance photographer and journalist who publishes in major newspapers such as The Guardian, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Al Jazeera, De Groene Amsterdammer and the Mail & Guardian. She is a National... read on

By Nathalie Bertrams —


Publication in De Groene Amsterdammer

By Nathalie Bertrams — De mondiale handel in tropische siervissen bedreigt het koraalrif Miljoenen tropische siervissen en talloze stukken levend koraal vliegen jaarlijks..

Article and photos BBC

By Nathalie Bertrams — 'After the coral ban, I lost everything' Thousands of Indonesian coral farms had to close after an export ban, but a policy U-turn offers..
Media News

New article in Süddeutsche Zeitung

By Nathalie Bertrams — My and Ingrid Gercama's latest article in Süddeutsche Zeitung. Online version here

The Aftermath of Ebola in de Groene Amsterdammer

By Nathalie Bertrams — ‘Gaat u naar huis. Zij is dood’         De nasmaak van de dood     Ebola dreigt in de Democratische..

Al Jazeera - In Pictures

By Nathalie Bertrams — On the streets of DR Congo's Goma, rap gives youth a voice In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, street rappers fight President Joseph..

Photo feature in Al Jazeera

By Nathalie Bertrams — 'They believe I was cursed with blindness because God was angry' Girls with disabilities in Ethiopia have been sexually assaulted and are..

"Vanillekoorts" published in de Groene Amsterdammer

By Nathalie Bertrams — Ingrid Gercama's and my article and photos are published in de Groene Amsterdammer today. With a grant from Free Press Unlimited we travelled..
News Spotlight

Article in Courrier international

By Nathalie Bertrams — Enquête. Plongée dans le trafic de vanille à Madagascar Les trois quarts de la production mondiale de vanille proviennent de Madagascar. Alors..

My photos on vanilla in the Guardian

By Nathalie Bertrams — With Ingrid Gercama

Photo story on vanilla in the Guardian

By Nathalie Bertrams — With Ingrid Gercama Madagascan gold: meet the vanilla hustlers – in pictures Vanilla is the world’s most popular flavour, and surging..

Vanilla fever - published in the Mail & Guardian

By Nathalie Bertrams — Article in the Mail & Guardian, South Africa with Ingrid Gercama Vanilla fever: Fear sours the sweet scent of Madagascar’s success Vanilla is..
Books News

Toxic Planet: The Global Health Crisis

By Nathalie Bertrams — Toxic Planet: The Global Health Crisis , the Pulitzer Center's newest e-book, is now available free on  iTunes , Kindle , and Atavist . The..

Revealing Malawi's untold health and environmental crisis

By Nathalie Bertrams — Smoke and Mirrors: Inside Malawi's untold health crisis A day-to-day practice is killing thousands, but their story is being neglected. Ingrid..

Pulitzer Center Instagram Takeover

By Nathalie Bertrams — Some of my pictures on Malawi's cooking smoke crisis on  Pulitzer Center 's Instagram
Awards News

Hostwriter Story Prize 2017, 2nd place

By Nathalie Bertrams — " Trans people are risking their lives in Istanbul " published in Global Post/ PRI.  A collaboration by Lorraine Mallinder and Nathalie..
Exhibitions News

Opening of OSTRALE Biennale 2017 in Dresden, Germany

By Nathalie Bertrams — I am happy to invite you to the OSTRALE Biennale 2017 in Dresden, Germany. Opening: 28th of July from 6pm to midnight Exhibition duration: 29th..
Exhibitions News

KONTINUUM - Exhibition in Tel Aviv, Israel

By Nathalie Bertrams — Excited to invite you to the opening of the group exhibition KONTINUUM, a joint project of Alfred gallery and Betonbox Düsseldorf artists..

Video Meet the Journalists: Nathalie Bertrams and Ingrid Gercama

By Nathalie Bertrams — Ingrid Gercama  and myself have been awarded a grant from the  Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting to report from Malawi. Watch video:..

Malawi: Deadly Smoke, Soot and Flames

By Nathalie Bertrams — New article and photos published for the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting (with Ingrid Gercama)..
Exhibitions News

Exhibition KONTINUUM at Betonbox, Düsseldorf, Germany

By Nathalie Bertrams — In the current group show Kontinuum at  Betonbox , Düsseldorf, I present a new photography series "Outcast" - large format camera..

Malawi: A Cooking Crisis - Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

By Nathalie Bertrams — Framing the challenge of wood fuels in Malawi—a Polaroid series. Nathalie Bertrams..

Illegal logging in Malawi: can clean cooking stoves save its forests?

By Nathalie Bertrams — Article and photos in the Guardian by me & Ingrid Gercama...

Trans people are risking their lives in Istanbul on

By Nathalie Bertrams — Reporting by Lorraine Mallinder Photos Nathalie Bertrams
Exhibitions News

Exhibition [Passant souviens-toi, dit Soeurette]

By Nathalie Bertrams — Une initiative de Koko Lewis & The Ganhi Element Marseille un projet sur les concepts des identités composites contemporaines vernissage le 3..
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