cristobal olivares

South by the sea
Location: Santiago,Chile
Nationality: Chilean
Biography: Cristóbal Olivares (Santiago, Chile 1988) is a documentary photographer with special interest in social affairs. He is the Co-founder of   Buen Lugar Ediciones an independent editorial initiative that publish books and zines of... read on
Public Story
South by the sea
Credits: cristobal olivares
Date of Work: 02/10/19 - 02/28/17
Updated: 03/22/20
Location: Patagonia
The Strait of Magellan is a maritime passageway located at the extreme southern tip of South America, between Patagonia and the big island of Tierra del Fuego. Thus, it is the main natural passageway between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Ferdinand Magellan a Portuguese explorer and navigator in the service of Charles I of Spain, became the first European to navigate the strait in 1520 during his global circumnavigation voyage.Until the Panama Canal opened in 1914, the Strait of Magellan was the main route for steamships traveling from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Nowadays this whole area, specially the Patagonia remains as one of the most pristine waters in the world, but highly threatened by the fishing industry that is now settling on the country's last virgin coasts, in the region of Magallanes, south of Patagonia and South west Atlantic on the Argentinian side. The expansion is taking place without scientific evidence or serious studies to limit production to water capacity. This could have catastrophic consequences for local ecosystems, which are part of one of the greatest aquifer reserves of the world.
These photographs were taken during sailings from the Port of Coquimbo to the Strait of Magellan in Chile concluding with disembarkation at Puerto Madryn, located northeast of the Province of Chubut, Argentina. Also, from Montevideo in Uruguay to the south again.  Trips were made in Dec.2015, Feb 2017 & Nov 2019

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