cristobal olivares

Chile 874
Location: Santiago,Chile
Nationality: Chilean
Biography: Cristóbal Olivares (Santiago, Chile 1988) is a documentary photographer with special interest in social affairs. He is the Co-founder of Buen Lugar Ediciones From 2014 to mid 2016 Cristóbal was part of the VII Mentor... read on
Public Story
Chile 874
Credits: cristobal olivares
Updated: 07/09/18

From 2011 to 2013 thousands of people took to the streets of Chile to protest against the government and their profit from education policies. Teachers, students and their parents demanded wholesale changes, including a new constitution and a new financial structure for higher education, which has left millions of students with high debt.
The protestors gathered at iconic points of the cities, marching through main avenues and chanting songs against the system.
The marches usually ended with clashes between civilians and the police, who arrest protestors and used tear gas against the crowds. On august 11, 2011 one of the biggest marchs occur in Santiago, that day 874 young students where taken to detention by the police. 


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