cristobal olivares

Location: Santiago,Chile
Nationality: Chilean
Biography: Cristóbal Olivares (Santiago, Chile 1988) is a documentary photographer with special interest in social affairs. He is the Co-founder of Buen Lugar Ediciones From 2014 to mid 2016 Cristóbal was part of the VII Mentor... read on
Public Story
Credits: cristobal olivares
Date of Work: 12/20/10 - 02/28/15
Updated: 12/17/19
During the winters of 2011 and 2015 I traveled to the city of Winnipeg, Canada to visit my mother who emigrated there to a have a new life with her Canadian husband Patrick. During those periods and as a temporary resident I’ve explored the relationship with the city and the extreme weather that the inhabitants and my mother have to face each winter. At the same time I’ve tried to understand and experienced -through the act of photography- the new life of my mother in a whole different country. -42º is the lowest temperature that I’ve experienced on my first stay.

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