Cristina Baussan

photographer // writer
Destined Creations
Location: New York City
Nationality: France, Haiti, El Salvador
Biography: Cristina Baussan is a documentary photographer and writer dedicated to illustrating how human connection transcends race, religion and social class. She draws on her French, Haitian, Salvadoran and American heritage to explore themes of identity... read on
Public Story
Destined Creations
Credits: cristina baussan
Updated: 07/09/16
Location: Haiti
Destined Creations

In a country where 90% of the population is black, Haitians with albinism are an ostracized minority. Constantly seen as different, they are forced to find unique paths towards their true selves.

Venel, a Haitian albino, works with great fidelity as a housekeeper and gardener for my grandmother. He and his twin brother, Luinor, live between two worlds, between black and white, rich and poor. Their strong bond, forged on the fringes of Haitian society, results from a feeling of rejection in their youth. Yet today, Venel seems to have reached a deeper layer of acceptance.

As I traveled back to Haiti, searching for a sense of belonging and attachment to my roots, I came across the story of a man seeking a similar path: an understanding of identity.

Haiti, 2015