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The making of a Stolpersteine, Berlin, Germany
Location: Germany
Nationality: British
Biography: Graduating with a BA (Hons) in Photography from Trent Polytechnic in Nottingham, England in the Late 80′s, Craig went on to win The David Hodge Memorial Award Young Photojournalist of the Year with a story he had covered in Thailand. He... read on
The making of a Stolpersteine, Berlin, Germany
craig stennett
May 28, 2019
The making of a Stolpersteine. Sculptor Michael Friedlaender has been making the Stolpersteine for Conceptual Artist Gunter Demnig for the last 14 years: 'Originally Gunter approached me and said do you want to make the one‘s i cannot make. After 3 weeks i was making them all.' Michael has made Stolpersteine‘s in 21 different languages and they have been placed in 23 different countries. 'The hard part is not the work itself. It is what happened to the people named.  Here i am working on the names of 2 sisters aged 20 and 22. They were German and escaped Nazi Germany by fleeing to Belgium but Belgium was over run in the war and they were both captured and deported to  Auschwitz. Murdered on their day of arrival. It is still a fact that sometimes i still stop and cry while working here.' #stolpersteine #berlin #art #conceptualart #editorial #reportage #ühotojournalism #holocaust #antifa #memory #europe #notforgotten

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