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Location: Germany
Nationality: British
Biography: Graduating with a BA (Hons) in Photography from Trent Polytechnic in Nottingham, England in the Late 80′s, Craig went on to win The David Hodge Memorial Award Young Photojournalist of the Year with a story he had covered in Thailand. He... read on
Florian Huber, Author; 'Promise me you'll shoot Yourself'
craig stennett
Jul 13, 2019
Up in the North Coast of Germany again last week to photograph the Author and Historian Florian Huber for The Daily Telegraph. Huber has written a remarkable book about the history there at the end of WW2 as the Soviet Armies advanced into the Third Reich, 'Promise me to you‘ll shoot Yourself'; May 1, 1945, hundreds of people killed themselves in the town of Demmin, in the Province of Pomerania (now in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), Germany. The suicides occurred during a mass panic that was provoked by atrocities committed by soldiers of the Soviet Red Army, who had sacked the town the day before. Although death toll estimates vary, it is acknowledged to be the largest mass suicide ever recorded in Germany. The suicide was part of a mass suicide wave amongst the population of Nazi Germany. Demmin was a stronghold of the nationalistic organisations DNVP and the Stahlhelm in the Weimar Republic. Before 1933 there were boycotts of Jewish businesses, which drove away most of the Jews. The synagogue was sold in June 1938 to a furniture company, which is why it survives as a building today. In the riots of November 1938 thousands gathered in the square in anti-Semitic demonstration. In the last national elections to the Reichstag on 5 March 1933 the National Socialist Party won 53.7 percent of votes in Demmin.
During the last weeks of World War II, tens of thousands of Germans killed themselves, especially in territories occupied by the Red Army. The German historian Udo Grashhoff and the German author Kurt Bauer write that the suicides occurred in two stages: in a first wave before the Red Army's arrival, in part due to a "fear of the Russians" spread by Nazi propaganda, and – as in Demmin – in a second wave after the Red Army's arrival, triggered by executions, looting and mass rapes committed by Soviet soldiers. #florianhuber #historian#author #germany #demmin #penguinbooks #history #photournalism#journalism #documentar #thirdreich

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